Accounting report is a specialty that bridges people and data.

Accountants communicate financial information to managers so that they can make critical business decisions, plan for the future, and analyze past performance. This course provides a basic introduction to aspiring managerial accountants. Discover the types of managerial accounting and its applications, from lean accounting to lifecycle costing.

Follow a real-world case study showing the insights generated from a critical decision about bookkeeping, managerial and learn how to define the elements that will help you successfully implement IFRS accounting in the real world.

Instructor Mr. Tito, Global Certified, ACCA UK, a Business and Management consultant, also provides some tips on building a successful and sustainable career in IFRS accounting.

Topics include:
  • IFRS Principle and real practical
  • Describe managerial accounting.
  • Identify the components of the road map used to prepare a financial model.
  • Define the costs a business incurs when undertaking a project.
  • Examine the conceptual process in preparing a financial model.
  • Contrast activity-based costing with other types of costing and accounting.